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Branded: Insights from Zagwear

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Zagwear Ranked #45 on the PPAI 100 List of Distributors for 2024

White Plains, NY – May 23, 2024 – Zagwear is proud to announce that it has been named to ...
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Aldi's Latest Merch Drop Sparks Excitement and Community Engagement

In the bustling city of Chicago, a unique shopping fever recently took hold in one ...
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Frito-Lay's Stellar Treat for the Solar Eclipse

As the world gazed upward to witness the awe-inspiring total solar eclipse that traversed ...
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Pringles and Crocs' Snackable Shoe Collaboration

The iconic snack brand, Pringles, known for its playful spirit and unique canister of ...
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Zagwear Names Deborah Gaspar Director of Sales and Marketing

[White Plains, NY] – Industry veteran Deborah Gaspar has been named the new Director of ...
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Explore the Galaxy with a Glass of Star Wars Blue Milk

Get ready, Star Wars fans! A new treat is zooming into the dairy aisle, and it's sure to ...
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PPAI Expo’s Top Apparel Finds

PPAI Media has unveiled the top apparel picks from the 2024 PPAI Expo! Known as the ...
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The Unlikely Craze: Trader Joe's Totes

In a world where consumer trends ebb and flow with the speed of a TikTok scroll, one item ...
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Dolly Parton's Kitchen Magic: From Sweet Melodies to Sizzling Skillets

In the world of home cooking and country charm, Dolly Parton has long been a household ...
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Brand Marketing vs. Direct Marketing through Branded Merchandise

In the vast, dynamic world of marketing, two primary strategies often dominate the ...
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Merchandising Emotion: 'The Notebook' Musical's Unique Approach to Souvenirs

When Nicholas Sparks penned "The Notebook," it's unlikely he envisioned the day his ...
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The Power of Promo in Politics: From Yard Signs to T-Shirts

In the vibrant tapestry of American politics, where the battle of red versus blue ...
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